Covid 19 Virus and Bacterial Infection Control

What is Infection Control?

Infection is caused by pathogens (‘bugs’) such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa or fungi getting into or onto the body. It can take some time before the microbes multiply enough to trigger symptoms of illness, which means an infected person may unwittingly be spreading the disease during this incubation period.

How Infection being transmit?

Infectious agents can be spread in a variety of ways, including:

  • breathing in airborne germs – coughs or sneezes release airborne pathogens, which are then inhaled by others.
  • touching contaminated objects or eating contaminated food – the pathogens in a person’s faeces may be spread to food or other objects, if their hands are dirty.
  • skin-to-skin contact – the transfer of some pathogens can occur through touch, or by sharing personal items, clothing or objects.
  • Contact with body fluids – pathogens in saliva, urine, faeces or blood can be passed to another person’s body via cuts or abrasions, or through the mucus membranes of the mouth and eyes.

How does RKIL Sanitation Infection Control Work?

Introduce RKIL Primary Sanitation which done through our advance misting equipment and chemical. The chemical turn into mist will be directed at a high point to let it fall naturally on all the contact surfaces. In few hour time, your premises will get sanitize by the chemical mist.

For extra protection, RKIL Advance Sanitation involve process to apply an extra layer sanitize chemical coating onto all human contacted surface to prevent bacteria, viruses, protozoa or fungi from growing.

The disinfectants we utilise are the same industrial grade, safety rated ones selected by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control and are listed in the biosecurity guides of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation.

Why do you need RKIL Sanitation Infection Control?

  • Minimize the risk of your enclosed compound area being infected.
  • Piece of mind to live in.
  • Take our responsible to break the chain during this pandemic season.