rkil rats


Rats Rats attain sexual maturity early in life. A pair of rats can produce up to 200 litters in one year. The newly born are blind, […]

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rkil mosquitoes


Mosquitoes Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water within one week. Depending on the species, they can be active both in the day (diurnal) and at night (nocturnal). […]

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rkil cockroaches


Cockroaches The key to long-term cockroach control is the elimination of food, water and harborage sources needed to survive. Roaches evolved as scavengers of dead plant […]

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rkil ants


Fire ants can be a nuisance in the vegetable garden. In addition to being a stinging insect, they can damage some vegetable crops, such as okra […]

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